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8 lessons at 18.

If you are anything like me, your teenage years were as eventful as mine and if not, must say you’ve missed quite a lot. It seems like a lot happened during those years than most of the times. Teenage is literally a stage that turns a boy into a man and a girl into a woman. Here is a compilation of 8 such lessons I learnt on my way to turning 18:
1. You can always go home. 
This one, most important of all. As we grow, we start hiding things from our parents or so to say, keep things to ourselves. Sometimes, we engage in aggressive arguments relating to : from whom should I stay away, the decisions which I would regret later, the things that matter in life and pretty much everything and surprisingly enough, all that they once mentioned;happens with us. Even at our worse, they somehow consider us the best. They’re the real best friends we’ll ever have, the most selfless ones.

2. There’s no better gift than failure.
Now, most of you will disagree with me on this. We’re busy in the rat race and believe that our ultimate goal should be perfection not realizing that the most creative people on earth weren’t flawless. The reason we fail endlessly is because we invite failure to our lives by thinking more about it than success. But- in any case, it helps by paving way for appreciation about the little things we have in life.

3. Happiness counts, always. 
Or it can be, temporarily but not permanent. We’ve heard about the glass with water: half-empty or half-full. But, point is how does it matter if the glass is half full of half empty if there’s water in it? The happiest people don’t have the best of everything; they make the best of everything.

4. Nothing will change you like heartbreaks will.
Heartbreaks will always teach you to reevaluate the way you see yourself and those around you. Something difficult will happen every time you experience a heartbreak and the pain as cliched it might sound will be unbearable but you will get through it because the best way out is always through. Take advantage of this – enhance your creativity. Don’t let it stink.

5. You are enough, you’ll always be. 
At times, we doubt our wholeness. Self-doubt is the worst enemy one can ever have. You’ve possibly got the best of genes your parents had to offer you, don’t doubt them.

6. You’ll never figure it out all. 
No one does. Once, I remember asking my therapist when was it that she learnt so much about life and various other things. You won’t believe she erupted in laughter and tears at the same time. She said no one figures it out all, and that’s okay. How can I be any different?

7. You can never please everyone. Never. 
Your mom might like your hair short and friends might like your hair otherwise so you see, you’ll keep your hair the way you like it to be. So now, repeat this after me, “I cannot please everyone and it’s okay,” for more than hundred times. You’ll either go crazy or learn the easiest way of being satisfied.

8. Perspective is beautiful.
Perspective – cause’ each has a different one. ( BTW, this is Deepika Vasani’s blog title. ) Typically, when we’re worried or upset, we’ve lost perspective. Everything that’s happening in our life suddenly seems so big, so important but in real, none of this matters 20 years from now. Sometimes, it becomes really threatening, just let it go and move on.

I completely forgot about how important and healthy “SOLITUDE” is.


Although, I was planning to write on “18 things at 18” , I figured out that I need not sound a grandma always. And I need to apply these lessons too.  Haha. Hope, you enjoyed reading it. Have a good day.

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Who are you?

So when I was lounging on the couch and life was going on smoothly, all of a sudden, there was mild darkness everywhere and the only thing that was visible to me was my own shadow.
It asked, “Who are you?”
And it just took the shadow three words consisting three alphabets respectively to get me rethink my entire life and existence. I started asking myself, Who Am I? Whether I’m being who I am in real or what the world desires to see me in? But for that, I must know who I am, in real.
Shadow: You’re just a human body that is mortal.
Me: I am alive. Can’t you see?
Shadow: You’re not living, you’re just surviving.
Me: What’s the difference?
Shadow: To survive is a necessity and to live, a sheer luxury.
For all that I’ve ever known, you’re about all those people you’ve met, all the places you’ve been to and all the experiences that you’ve lived.
All that is wrong with you has something to do with the mask that you’re wearing around people , the mechanical life that you’re living by running in a incessant race that has no finish line. For all that I remember, you’re living two lives: the one inside your head and the one outside it. You’re not the decent person you pretend to be around the guy you go on a date with. You’re the person who sits on the couch, wearing printed shorts and a graphic tshirt having popcorn by your side. You’re not a corporate manager who’s a boss’s pet, you’re someone who makes her own decisions. Surrounded by the wilderness, you’ve now become a part of it. For god’s sake, you’re not the make up, the stilettos, the best dressed woman in the room. You’re the child who never forgets to spill something or the other on her tshirt.
You don’t need to do what everyone else does, you don’t need to be special. For it’s ordinary to be special but special to be ordinary. Breathe. Let yourself be who you are.

You will be the best version of yourself only when you can maintain yourself mentally and spiritually at the intersection between a vertical and horizontal line, in a state of perfect balance.  

Currently, you’re surrounded by so many humans around you who underneath their naked bones are trying to be someone else. Why be mediocre when you can be extraordinary by just being ordinary?
What defines you is not how you appear to be or how others perceive you but how you see yourself. The respect for yourself in your own eyes and those of the ones who love you define you. Not the grades, the status or the external appearance. Just the inner beauty of who you are – your kindness and gentleness to deal with the world around you.

Your growing pains now feel so mundane,
You’ve lost yourself while finding your way,
Times have changed and experiences are anew,
People who say you’ve changed, never knew you.

Be * YOU * tiful .

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Forevers and all that.

How long are we going to live – Any guesses ? Some say 80, some say 100 while some say forever.
Alice once asked the Rabbit: How long is forever?
Rabbit: Sometimes just one second.
Forever is composed of nows. It’s not composed of promises that fade with time. We’ve heard of the fairy tales that are supposedly called timeless just because they have been lived timelessly, without fear, with love and honesty.  We promise forever in a world that is so temporary that we don’t even have an idea if we’re gonna come back home safe from school. It sounds scary right?
We’re all running in the  races of life, so fast that we don’t bother to wait for a second or two to understand if the race is worth running. We all want to be mysterious. We don’t want to get hurt or sound desperate and needy and hence we pause for minutes and hours, sometimes even days to respond to mails and calls.
The girl who was sitting next to me in the train replied, “I’ll ttyl mom, I’m busy.” and continued listening to music. Something struck my mind suddenly. What if she didn’t get to see her mum after reaching home, would she still say she’s busy? I’m sure not.
What if you don’t tell the guy you’re head over heels in love with that you love him and suddenly one day you come to know he’s no more? Would  your “no no it sounds desperate” count? I’m sure not. What if he loved you too? We never know who needs us back.
We use digitized emoticons to not sound desperate instead of letters that convey feelings better. We communicate via chats instead of meeting face to face. We fall in love with our computer screens than a inquisitive human being. Yet, we promise forever which is Utopian and non existent. We all know that the final destination of our journey is death. We say vague half statements and expect the other person to understand. What if you send a “whatever” to a close friend sulking because of not meeting you when you wanted to and you realize that you will never be able to meet her? Isn’t “meet me later” better than “Go don’t meet me” ? Life can be really uncertain sometimes.

What if you died in the next minute? Just think if you’ll be satisfied with the kind of life you’ve lived.

There’s nothing more risky than pretending not to care. Sometimes, we miss out on the little things in life and cry when they’re no more available. We don’t know whether we’ll be able to see our parents and friends the next time we go home. Years later, someday we might just go back to an empty house without having them around. When this happens, we usually look at their pictures and say – “Oh dear, I love you. I miss you. Please come back.” but they don’t come back. Gratitude is the right attitude, indeed.

See, we never know when we’re gonna be hit by the bus. So, forgive and forget with the blink of an eye. Also, go right now and reply to all the pending mails, text messages and missed calls and thank your loved ones for being around for, we never know when the bus is coming. It’s your life – live it, without fear, with love and honesty, timelessly.

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A letter to my daughter

To help calm my fears, I’ve drafted a letter of a little parental wisdom that I plan to give my daughter when it’s time for her to leave the nest. Here’s how it begins,
Dear baby girl,

Firstly, I’m immensely proud to mother you for you’ll always be special to me no matter what. We’ve all had our share of experiences and it’s time that you have yours. We often wonder  if a daughter is a liability? When a woman gives birth to a female child, she empowers herself. In her daughter, she finds a companion, a friend. She knows that a female is not just a female, she’s a superwoman. She’s a mother, a sister and a wife. There are some lessons that I’ve learnt and am perhaps, still learning, I’d be happy if you look up to them.
Always prefer an in-conversation 
I’m sure texting is much more convenient that an incessant process of asking a friend to meet somewhere but tell me something, would you rather have a chocolate described to you with the help of emoticons or rather have it in real? NO, seriously.
Worship your body
I’m sure you’d wish to date a hot guy with some nice abs or at least someone good looking. He’d be wishing to meet exactly the same kind of girl. If you’re wishing to find a hot soulmate, try to be of his type as well. Try to get in shape. God has given a magic touch to each person’s body. Worship it. Don’t starve to impress men. Eat in proper intervals but appreciate your body. That’s the only way to be in shape.
Belief in feminism is must
Feminism is cliched these days. Most women today need to google their facts on feminism. It is a belief that women are equal to men. But it doesn’t mean that you hate men. Not all men are criminals, just like every woman isn’t a saint. Don’t demand privileges just because you’re a woman.

You’re beautiful 
At times, our inner thoughts and people around us raise self doubts which erupt our minds. We question our beauty in the presence of beautiful people around. The hair that caresses your face while the wind
blows, the face you make when you see flowers – they make you beautiful.
Your in-laws are your extended family
If you get married, your spouse’s family becomes your extended family. You might disagree to their point of views sometimes. Even if you don’t like them, I expect you to behave civil and courteously. Don’t offend but always defend yourself if the need arises.
Marriage is a choice; not a necessity 
You may or may not marry someone. It’s okay. Single-hood is no more a taboo. Marriage and babies won’t make you complete. Although, they do add up to happiness. Your independence, work and education will make you feel confidently whole. Producing children isn’t what every woman desires. It’s okay. Let it be the way it is.
Broken crayons still color 
There will times when you will go through emotional turmoil and heart breaks. Live strong. You may go through a lot of rejections, times of despairs and god’s tests. You may fall but always remember. Fall seven times, rise up, eight. Sometimes, it’s good to be broken, that’s how light gets in, making you stronger than you were yesterday. It’s okay. Don’t lose hope.

Women today are smooth sailing today, but I want you to conquer the world. I hope this helps you in times of despair and give you strength to be a warrior that you already are, by just being a daughter. You’re strong and shall always be. No country can deny that. Nobody ever will.


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How it feels to be 18


So, when someone peculiarly asked me, “How old do you feel?” .
I felt that it varies. Mentally, I feel between 11 and 18. It’s a bit scary, because there’s always the risk that I might be found out. Someone might realize that I’m not a proper grown up and misinterpret me  as childish for all that I do with sheer maturity.
Physically, it varies too. If I’m well and the sun’s shining, then I feel 16 while I feel 23 otherwise.
I doubt many people over 40 feel as old as they look. For most of us, the face in the mirror is the painting in the attic. When I haven’t been in front of my reflection for a while, I forget what my age looks like. The face I imagine I’m peering out from behind is few years younger than the one I catch sight of when my computer screen suddenly goes dark.
So, before my 18th birthday, one of my friends told me, “Damn, you’re gonna be 18 now. I’m yet to be.” I was amazed to  this statement and asked her,” Why is it special to be 18? Age is just a number!” She said,” You’ll realize that soon when everyone will wish you happy birthday and gift you presents. The morning will have make you travel farther than the horizon, the sun will shine slightly more bright and life will be anew.  You will feel free, like all the existing barriers have been removed away. You will no more have to convince your parents for going on road trips with friends.”
(Months later, on my 18th birthday)
As I woke up, everything was the same. My parents and friends wished me in a similar way except that they were more excited about my birthday than I was and that they brought me really amazing presents. Otherwise, the sun shone in the same manner it did the previous day. Neither did I travel farther than the horizons nor did I feel free but the most unsure I had ever been of myself. The 18th year of my being began with wishes which were uncertainly followed by questions related to my career choices, religious beliefs, marriage choices and etc. (End of thinking capacity, no really.) I felt  of my own appearance, accent, skills and every piece of my being. It hurt.  I felt really betrayed as I didn’t feel a single emotion that people claimed that I will experience when I turn 18.
Initially, when I was small. Not that I’m old now. Just. Often, when I argued on something with people older to me, my perspective was looked down upon and I was told to speak up when I turn an adult, (that is turn 18) but now that I’ve turned 18, things are still the same. I have aged in some portions of my being however I still love candies. My perspectives have surely altered but they still consist of most decisions taken by the heart and the instincts. Though, I’ve realized one thing as I’ve grown up (a bit yeah, not much.) , “Life isn’t going to give you anything for free anymore. Life isn’t going to hold your hand either.” 

However, the feeling of turning 18 continues to remain abstract. 
But tell me, How old do you feel? 

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You are going to feel disappointed and you’re going to feel sad. There will be times when you’ll forget your way to the destination. There will be days when you’ll finally realize that morality is just an illusion. You will miss everyone one day but you’ll learn to keep it with you. There will be a day when you’ll care a little less and get through it. For, the best way out is always through. – @simranbrijwani (instagram) ☀


You’ll can connect to me via mails and instagram as well for anything 🙂

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Hey guys, how have you been? Coming back, almost after a month. This blog isn’t as positive as the others but I hope, many of you’ll would relate to it. It’s based on a girl who loved mysteries so much that she became one.  

She’s a mystery,
The dark behind the moon.
She’s somewhere,
I wish I could see her soon.
She says she’s alright,
Listen to everything she tells.
But, as I slowly read the verses she wrote,
It was as if my heart breaking from somewhere else.

She was like the ending of an unfinished book , he had an ominous look
He was etched in her mind for days,  like a scab on the pigment of her skin,
Lights were dim and she still couldn’t grin,
Late nights; the hidden frights ,she blinks up with the bathroom lights
2am, the promises have faded, and the soul is again jaded
“Why are you here? You promised dear,
But now your knees are scarred, And your voice is tarred.”

Searching for an answer to it all
even though it’s written on the stall,
she blended in with spare suicidal words
engraved along the bathroom wall and began to cry again.

One day maybe she will see
the bottle of hope floating in the sea,
She’ll then unwrap its final note
to reveal what destiny wrote.
Until then, she’ll continue to be a – mystery!

Depressed-womanPlease give your valuable feedback. With this poem, I’ve tried to experiment a contradictory version of personality that we all, at some point in our life have been through or seen someone like this around us. So feedbacks, please! 😀

And yes – Have a good day 😉

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We laugh, we cry,
Sometimes we’re low while sometimes we’re high,
There are times when sadness visits, says Hi’
and Happiness bids goodbye.

We go through – Days of lying on the bathroom door,
Regretting and weeping on the floor,
Missing those endless laughs saying,I want some more,
Reviving memories on the shore.

We’re all so different, yet the same,
We’re all so intelligent, yet so lame,
We all live in memories, lying in the frames.

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Trail of Happiness.

Today, I would like to talk about the most important thing in everyone’s lives. What is it? Any guesses? hmm – Happiness!

” Where do we find it? Who takes us there? ” I had so many questions about the same when I was 15. We, humans always want to be everyone’s favorite company to be with, someone who is constantly told that they’re loved. There’s this inborn thing that we’re born with – A Never Ending Craving Of Being Loved.  We crave attention, love, respect and so much more. We’ve forgotten that all this is not demanded but earned.

It’s not the make up we wear to impress guys or the goodness we show to impress girls that makes us happy. Neither going to Starbucks with friends or going Inox for watching a movie. It isn’t the number of likes on our Facebook display or Instagram followers. In the rat race of achieving love  and pleasing people, we’ve almost forgotten what makes us happy.  Happiness can never come from these materialistic things because it exists in things that are enduring and natural like a going on a walk with your best friend, reading your favorite book in a bookstore, The V.Good remark in your notebook and so much more.

Why do we change ourselves for the sake of people liking us? Why pleasing others when you are the only one who supports yourself after crying behind the bathroom door at 2am?

The best en route to Happiness is curtailment of worldly perspective.

And God said, “Love your enemy,” and I obeyed him and loved myself.

Respect yourself, Love yourself for who you are for you know how far you’ve come. By the way, What makes you happy and when did you do it for the last time? 🙂

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I relive.

Rain posses many faces,
hidden in romantic places,
culminated by embraces,
Drop by drop as it falls,
I re-live the memories of yesterday,
I rel-live.

It illuminates all the darkness,
intertwining halves into wholes,
fulfilling a
earthly role,
Drop by drop as it falls, I re-live the memories of yesterday,
I rel-live.

Rain invades enchantingly,
perhaps, appears repeatedly,
but comes only once, sacredly and eventually.
Drop by drop as it falls,
I re-live the memories of tester eat,
I rel-live.❤


Share with me, your memories of a rainy day in the comments below⤵

– Simran Brijwani