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Stay or Leave? Leave.

         There are certain things in life which if we would know at the right age would help us prevent mistakes in the past. They say, “Experience is a brutal teacher”, with which I firmly agree.

         With every passing day, We are learning something from people and nature around us. At times, we are over sensitive towards our friendships and other relationships. There are time

As when our loved ones start keeping a distance from us because of insecurities and other reasons which makes us feel low. As a result, we either force them to stay or take the blame on ourselves when in reality, nobody is to be blamed!

        We need to learn to let go. I don’t say it’s gonna be easy but it’s surely gonna be worth it. There was girl who saw a radiant rose in a garden and plucked it to make her flower pot look more beautiful. As she put the flower in the vase, after few days it died. She asked her mom and she replied: “You can’t force a flower to thrive somewhere it doesn’t belong to.”

        Isn’t this with people too? You can’t force someone to stay. All you can do is tell them what they mean to you and leave the rest on them to decide because forced relationships don’t survive,they die.


We must always remember this statement:

The ones who want to stay, always will no matter how hard you push them away but the ones who want to leave, always will, no matter how hard you try to make them stay.


17 thoughts on “Stay or Leave? Leave.

  1. Life indeed teaches lot as time goes on. One must know the secret that happiness starts from within and not depend on people. Really liked the post 🙂 keep writing 🙂

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  2. Ur writeups r always awesome Sim ! .I’m sure ull sell millions of copies of your books n b a wonderful writer ..Ur thoughts r too good 🙂

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  3. Nicely penned, great work Simran. First of all thanks for the follow, it is much appreciated. Experience is a great teacher. I was a type of person who cared about all my relationships a little too much and then I realized that some people are bound to stay and those who do not value the relationship are bound to leave no matter how much I try. Many took my politeness for granted so now I just focus on improving myself and working towards achieving what I want and few of friends that I do have in my life are there because they want to be and those who left, I wish them a great life. Keep up the great work. Best wishes and warm regards. Stay blessed and stay connected 🙂

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