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Kindness and other battles.

They say – 7 million people. 14 million faces. Well, it’s all said and done. There are times when people whom we like are disliked by others. There are situations when what we feel is right is wrongly taken. But let me tell you one thing –

There’s a story behind every person who pretends to be heartless and the one who becomes hideous as time passes.

Somehow our heart always manages to become a shelter for those who don’t know how to treat it. Some people say- so what, not everyone is the same? Okay, but it goes the other way round too. Not everyone is different, right? It’s all about the perspective.

We are surrounded by so many judgments that sometimes we feel like we are a parrot who’s captivated- so much to say yet no one to listen without making judgments. Let’s try not to judge each other’s  perspective. After all,we all have one?

The motive behind this picture is seeing a Zero Judgement Day, soon!


You never know the guy who past just returned from the hospital after admitting his mother and the girl sitting next to you just lost someone she loved. What scares me is that a person sitting next you is fighting a battle you are unaware of and still manages to be happy.

The question is what must one do? Nobody desires any kind of sympathy, Just be kind. It costs nothing but a smile.

“I wish everyday could be Halloween, We could wear masks all the time. Then we could walk around and get to know each other before we got to see what we looked like inside the masks.”

(Quoted by R.J Palacio, Wonder.)

Perhaps, one of the heart-touching lines ever written. Correct No?


11 thoughts on “Kindness and other battles.

  1. Wonderful thought one again Simran. I have learned that people are going to judge you no matter how much you try to improve or do what they want. So, we should just make sure that we are happy with ourselves and improving everyday. Great work 🙂

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