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Reset and Refresh.

I won’t be able to talk in terms of life, so I’d rather talk about Math.There are so many things in life which constantly keep on changing. Various new elements are added up and a few are subtracted. Some variables are re-arranged but there’s always an element that stays, because of which it’s termed as a “Constant.” Similarly, Life?

 Life is a variable, it keeps on changing. We are the only constants.

– Simran Brijwani.

At times when we’re sitting alone, having nothing to do. During that span of time, all that we probably think of is what causes us pain? Why we’re not good enough? How could God be so harsh with certain situations? And more.
Sometimes, the silence gets so loud that the only thing left to do is to hope that your heart is strong enough to beat it out. It’s just silence or maybe you can say it’s the lightening before a thunderstorm. You never know.
Don’t get so lost in the emptiness that you forget to see the radiant rainbow that shines after rains, the birds that are chirpy even after a downfall from the sky, the old lady around who’s still young at heart even after having so much to cry about or your mom who smiles even after sacrificing so much for you, That life is so beautiful from every edge and corner and that

It’s the sorrow that adds up to the extra joy you feel after coming out of a storm.
– Simran Brijwani.

All these are just, ‘Ups and Downs’ or maybe different levels at which we are or were. All we have to do is be stable till we reach the end. And to reach there; Just as we reset the settings in a computer and refresh to fasten the working of the device, we need to reset all those things that make us feel unhappy about life and refresh in order to live fearlessly without having anything to regret.

“I’ve never really had any answers(to the journey of life); just experiences without regrets.”~ Simran Brijwani.


9 thoughts on “Reset and Refresh.

  1. Hey! Nice post. What really amazed me is that you took something brutal and complicated like maths to explain something more complicated like life, and it worked!!
    Frankly speaking, maths to me meant copying the question down and crying for the next 45 minutes or drawing ugly boxes, rhombuses and flowers and in my notes. I can’t, even today, exactly define a variable!

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  2. Loved it Simran 🙂 especially this …”I’ve never really had any answers(to the journey of life); just experiences without regrets.” 🙂 have a wonderful day. I love reading your stuff here. You write really well.

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