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Beauty has no name.

Laying on the bathroom floor,
With cold tiles to my back,
I think of all the things I’m not,
All the things I lack.

I roll over on my stomach,
My cheek pressed to the floor,
I dream of all I could’ve been,
How I could be so much more.

But then a thought occurred to me,
That others may think the same,
That somewhere on some other floor,
Someone else is wanting change.

This then led to a deeper thought,
Which made a lot of sense to me,
There’s a reason we are this way,
We’re all the way we were meant to be.

Every one of us is different
But in the end we’re all the same,
Together we’re beautiful,
And beautiful has no name.


” In order to be loved by the world, you need to love yourself and have faith in the power of your words to inspire others to do the same.”

BeβšͺYOUβšͺtiful ✨

– Simran Brijwani


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