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I relive.

Rain posses many faces,
hidden in romantic places,
culminated by embraces,
Drop by drop as it falls,
I re-live the memories of yesterday,
I rel-live.

It illuminates all the darkness,
intertwining halves into wholes,
fulfilling a
earthly role,
Drop by drop as it falls, I re-live the memories of yesterday,
I rel-live.

Rain invades enchantingly,
perhaps, appears repeatedly,
but comes only once, sacredly and eventually.
Drop by drop as it falls,
I re-live the memories of tester eat,
I rel-live.โค


Share with me, your memories of a rainy day in the comments belowโคต

– Simran Brijwani


18 thoughts on “I relive.

  1. Thank you for the lovely poem, Simran. Love the cool relief that rain brings to the soil, to the air, to the body and to the spirit. The smell of wet grass, the rhythm, drum and splash of raindrops of roof, window and ground. The drinking and renewal of the parched earth, trees and grass. The gushing waters and life of revived streams. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. hey Danced in the Rain She lead him outside,
    excitement on her face.
    He’d seen many rain storms
    but she was homesick for it.
    When she turned to face him
    he fell in love with her all over,
    her dark eyes glowing as rain
    water ran down her face.
    She held out her hand with a
    pleading look in those eyes and
    he knew exactly what she needed.
    He placed his hand in hers
    and his other around her waist
    and they danced in the rain.
    He dipped, whirled and twirled her
    as she laughed at his dramatics.
    Then he pulled her against him
    holding her close as they still danced.
    The air was sweet with the smell
    of freshly quenched earth.
    She whispered “l love you” and
    he said it too, knowing that they
    would dance like this again and again,
    for each had found their one
    while dancing this night in the rain.

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