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Trail of Happiness.

Today, I would like to talk about the most important thing in everyone’s lives. What is it? Any guesses? hmm – Happiness!

” Where do we find it? Who takes us there? ” I had so many questions about the same when I was 15. We, humans always want to be everyone’s favorite company to be with, someone who is constantly told that they’re loved. There’s this inborn thing that we’re born with – A Never Ending Craving Of Being Loved.  We crave attention, love, respect and so much more. We’ve forgotten that all this is not demanded but earned.

It’s not the make up we wear to impress guys or the goodness we show to impress girls that makes us happy. Neither going to Starbucks with friends or going Inox for watching a movie. It isn’t the number of likes on our Facebook display or Instagram followers. In the rat race of achieving love  and pleasing people, we’ve almost forgotten what makes us happy.  Happiness can never come from these materialistic things because it exists in things that are enduring and natural like a going on a walk with your best friend, reading your favorite book in a bookstore, The V.Good remark in your notebook and so much more.

Why do we change ourselves for the sake of people liking us? Why pleasing others when you are the only one who supports yourself after crying behind the bathroom door at 2am?

The best en route to Happiness is curtailment of worldly perspective.

And God said, “Love your enemy,” and I obeyed him and loved myself.

Respect yourself, Love yourself for who you are for you know how far you’ve come. By the way, What makes you happy and when did you do it for the last time? 🙂


13 thoughts on “Trail of Happiness.

  1. “Respect yourself, Love yourself for who you are for you know how far you’ve come.” Agree, Simran!

    Knowing and accepting ourselves is indeed the start of self mastery. On happiness, on a most simple level, for me gratitude for my few needs satisfied gives me the baseline happiness. Any extra blessings and contributing is additional happiness… Thinking out loud: is there any difference whether it is material, emotional wants re: happiness? 🙂

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  2. Happiness is relative and many times it is elusive and it is there somewhere near us and we don’t how to find it. We keep looking outside and paradoxically it is very much within us. And it somebody from outside tells us where it is within us.
    Profound thoughts!!!

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