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8 lessons at 18.

If you are anything like me, your teenage years were as eventful as mine and if not, must say you’ve missed quite a lot. It seems like a lot happened during those years than most of the times. Teenage is literally a stage that turns a boy into a man and a girl into a woman. Here is a compilation of 8 such lessons I learnt on my way to turning 18:
1. You can always go home. 
This one, most important of all. As we grow, we start hiding things from our parents or so to say, keep things to ourselves. Sometimes, we engage in aggressive arguments relating to : from whom should I stay away, the decisions which I would regret later, the things that matter in life and pretty much everything and surprisingly enough, all that they once mentioned;happens with us. Even at our worse, they somehow consider us the best. They’re the real best friends we’ll ever have, the most selfless ones.

2. There’s no better gift than failure.
Now, most of you will disagree with me on this. We’re busy in the rat race and believe that our ultimate goal should be perfection not realizing that the most creative people on earth weren’t flawless. The reason we fail endlessly is because we invite failure to our lives by thinking more about it than success. But- in any case, it helps by paving way for appreciation about the little things we have in life.

3. Happiness counts, always. 
Or it can be, temporarily but not permanent. We’ve heard about the glass with water: half-empty or half-full. But, point is how does it matter if the glass is half full of half empty if there’s water in it? The happiest people don’t have the best of everything; they make the best of everything.

4. Nothing will change you like heartbreaks will.
Heartbreaks will always teach you to reevaluate the way you see yourself and those around you. Something difficult will happen every time you experience a heartbreak and the pain as cliched it might sound will be unbearable but you will get through it because the best way out is always through. Take advantage of this – enhance your creativity. Don’t let it stink.

5. You are enough, you’ll always be. 
At times, we doubt our wholeness. Self-doubt is the worst enemy one can ever have. You’ve possibly got the best of genes your parents had to offer you, don’t doubt them.

6. You’ll never figure it out all. 
No one does. Once, I remember asking my therapist when was it that she learnt so much about life and various other things. You won’t believe she erupted in laughter and tears at the same time. She said no one figures it out all, and that’s okay. How can I be any different?

7. You can never please everyone. Never. 
Your mom might like your hair short and friends might like your hair otherwise so you see, you’ll keep your hair the way you like it to be. So now, repeat this after me, “I cannot please everyone and it’s okay,” for more than hundred times. You’ll either go crazy or learn the easiest way of being satisfied.

8. Perspective is beautiful.
Perspective – cause’ each has a different one. ( BTW, this is Deepika Vasani’s blog title. ) Typically, when we’re worried or upset, we’ve lost perspective. Everything that’s happening in our life suddenly seems so big, so important but in real, none of this matters 20 years from now. Sometimes, it becomes really threatening, just let it go and move on.

I completely forgot about how important and healthy “SOLITUDE” is.


Although, I was planning to write on “18 things at 18” , I figured out that I need not sound a grandma always. And I need to apply these lessons too.  Haha. Hope, you enjoyed reading it. Have a good day.


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