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A letter to my daughter

To help calm my fears, I’ve drafted a letter of a little parental wisdom that I plan to give my daughter when it’s time for her to leave the nest. Here’s how it begins,
Dear baby girl,

Firstly, I’m immensely proud to mother you for you’ll always be special to me no matter what. We’ve all had our share of experiences and it’s time that you have yours. We often wonder  if a daughter is a liability? When a woman gives birth to a female child, she empowers herself. In her daughter, she finds a companion, a friend. She knows that a female is not just a female, she’s a superwoman. She’s a mother, a sister and a wife. There are some lessons that I’ve learnt and am perhaps, still learning, I’d be happy if you look up to them.
Always prefer an in-conversation 
I’m sure texting is much more convenient that an incessant process of asking a friend to meet somewhere but tell me something, would you rather have a chocolate described to you with the help of emoticons or rather have it in real? NO, seriously.
Worship your body
I’m sure you’d wish to date a hot guy with some nice abs or at least someone good looking. He’d be wishing to meet exactly the same kind of girl. If you’re wishing to find a hot soulmate, try to be of his type as well. Try to get in shape. God has given a magic touch to each person’s body. Worship it. Don’t starve to impress men. Eat in proper intervals but appreciate your body. That’s the only way to be in shape.
Belief in feminism is must
Feminism is cliched these days. Most women today need to google their facts on feminism. It is a belief that women are equal to men. But it doesn’t mean that you hate men. Not all men are criminals, just like every woman isn’t a saint. Don’t demand privileges just because you’re a woman.

You’re beautiful 
At times, our inner thoughts and people around us raise self doubts which erupt our minds. We question our beauty in the presence of beautiful people around. The hair that caresses your face while the wind
blows, the face you make when you see flowers – they make you beautiful.
Your in-laws are your extended family
If you get married, your spouse’s family becomes your extended family. You might disagree to their point of views sometimes. Even if you don’t like them, I expect you to behave civil and courteously. Don’t offend but always defend yourself if the need arises.
Marriage is a choice; not a necessity 
You may or may not marry someone. It’s okay. Single-hood is no more a taboo. Marriage and babies won’t make you complete. Although, they do add up to happiness. Your independence, work and education will make you feel confidently whole. Producing children isn’t what every woman desires. It’s okay. Let it be the way it is.
Broken crayons still color 
There will times when you will go through emotional turmoil and heart breaks. Live strong. You may go through a lot of rejections, times of despairs and god’s tests. You may fall but always remember. Fall seven times, rise up, eight. Sometimes, it’s good to be broken, that’s how light gets in, making you stronger than you were yesterday. It’s okay. Don’t lose hope.

Women today are smooth sailing today, but I want you to conquer the world. I hope this helps you in times of despair and give you strength to be a warrior that you already are, by just being a daughter. You’re strong and shall always be. No country can deny that. Nobody ever will.



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