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Forevers and all that.

How long are we going to live – Any guesses ? Some say 80, some say 100 while some say forever.
Alice once asked the Rabbit: How long is forever?
Rabbit: Sometimes just one second.
Forever is composed of nows. It’s not composed of promises that fade with time. We’ve heard of the fairy tales that are supposedly called timeless just because they have been lived timelessly, without fear, with love and honesty.  We promise forever in a world that is so temporary that we don’t even have an idea if we’re gonna come back home safe from school. It sounds scary right?
We’re all running in the  races of life, so fast that we don’t bother to wait for a second or two to understand if the race is worth running. We all want to be mysterious. We don’t want to get hurt or sound desperate and needy and hence we pause for minutes and hours, sometimes even days to respond to mails and calls.
The girl who was sitting next to me in the train replied, “I’ll ttyl mom, I’m busy.” and continued listening to music. Something struck my mind suddenly. What if she didn’t get to see her mum after reaching home, would she still say she’s busy? I’m sure not.
What if you don’t tell the guy you’re head over heels in love with that you love him and suddenly one day you come to know he’s no more? Would  your “no no it sounds desperate” count? I’m sure not. What if he loved you too? We never know who needs us back.
We use digitized emoticons to not sound desperate instead of letters that convey feelings better. We communicate via chats instead of meeting face to face. We fall in love with our computer screens than a inquisitive human being. Yet, we promise forever which is Utopian and non existent. We all know that the final destination of our journey is death. We say vague half statements and expect the other person to understand. What if you send a “whatever” to a close friend sulking because of not meeting you when you wanted to and you realize that you will never be able to meet her? Isn’t “meet me later” better than “Go don’t meet me” ? Life can be really uncertain sometimes.

What if you died in the next minute? Just think if you’ll be satisfied with the kind of life you’ve lived.

There’s nothing more risky than pretending not to care. Sometimes, we miss out on the little things in life and cry when they’re no more available. We don’t know whether we’ll be able to see our parents and friends the next time we go home. Years later, someday we might just go back to an empty house without having them around. When this happens, we usually look at their pictures and say – “Oh dear, I love you. I miss you. Please come back.” but they don’t come back. Gratitude is the right attitude, indeed.

See, we never know when we’re gonna be hit by the bus. So, forgive and forget with the blink of an eye. Also, go right now and reply to all the pending mails, text messages and missed calls and thank your loved ones for being around for, we never know when the bus is coming. It’s your life – live it, without fear, with love and honesty, timelessly.


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