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Who are you?

So when I was lounging on the couch and life was going on smoothly, all of a sudden, there was mild darkness everywhere and the only thing that was visible to me was my own shadow.
It asked, “Who are you?”
And it just took the shadow three words consisting three alphabets respectively to get me rethink my entire life and existence. I started asking myself, Who Am I? Whether I’m being who I am in real or what the world desires to see me in? But for that, I must know who I am, in real.
Shadow: You’re just a human body that is mortal.
Me: I am alive. Can’t you see?
Shadow: You’re not living, you’re just surviving.
Me: What’s the difference?
Shadow: To survive is a necessity and to live, a sheer luxury.
For all that I’ve ever known, you’re about all those people you’ve met, all the places you’ve been to and all the experiences that you’ve lived.
All that is wrong with you has something to do with the mask that you’re wearing around people , the mechanical life that you’re living by running in a incessant race that has no finish line. For all that I remember, you’re living two lives: the one inside your head and the one outside it. You’re not the decent person you pretend to be around the guy you go on a date with. You’re the person who sits on the couch, wearing printed shorts and a graphic tshirt having popcorn by your side. You’re not a corporate manager who’s a boss’s pet, you’re someone who makes her own decisions. Surrounded by the wilderness, you’ve now become a part of it. For god’s sake, you’re not the make up, the stilettos, the best dressed woman in the room. You’re the child who never forgets to spill something or the other on her tshirt.
You don’t need to do what everyone else does, you don’t need to be special. For it’s ordinary to be special but special to be ordinary. Breathe. Let yourself be who you are.

You will be the best version of yourself only when you can maintain yourself mentally and spiritually at the intersection between a vertical and horizontal line, in a state of perfect balance.  

Currently, you’re surrounded by so many humans around you who underneath their naked bones are trying to be someone else. Why be mediocre when you can be extraordinary by just being ordinary?
What defines you is not how you appear to be or how others perceive you but how you see yourself. The respect for yourself in your own eyes and those of the ones who love you define you. Not the grades, the status or the external appearance. Just the inner beauty of who you are – your kindness and gentleness to deal with the world around you.

Your growing pains now feel so mundane,
You’ve lost yourself while finding your way,
Times have changed and experiences are anew,
People who say you’ve changed, never knew you.

Be * YOU * tiful .


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