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We laugh, we cry,
Sometimes we’re low while sometimes we’re high,
There are times when sadness visits, says Hi’
and Happiness bids goodbye.

We go through – Days of lying on the bathroom door,
Regretting and weeping on the floor,
Missing those endless laughs saying,I want some more,
Reviving memories on the shore.

We’re all so different, yet the same,
We’re all so intelligent, yet so lame,
We all live in memories, lying in the frames.

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Trail of Happiness.

Today, I would like to talk about the most important thing in everyone’s lives. What is it? Any guesses? hmm – Happiness!

” Where do we find it? Who takes us there? ” I had so many questions about the same when I was 15. We, humans always want to be everyone’s favorite company to be with, someone who is constantly told that they’re loved. There’s this inborn thing that we’re born with – A Never Ending Craving Of Being Loved.  We crave attention, love, respect and so much more. We’ve forgotten that all this is not demanded but earned.

It’s not the make up we wear to impress guys or the goodness we show to impress girls that makes us happy. Neither going to Starbucks with friends or going Inox for watching a movie. It isn’t the number of likes on our Facebook display or Instagram followers. In the rat race of achieving love  and pleasing people, we’ve almost forgotten what makes us happy.  Happiness can never come from these materialistic things because it exists in things that are enduring and natural like a going on a walk with your best friend, reading your favorite book in a bookstore, The V.Good remark in your notebook and so much more.

Why do we change ourselves for the sake of people liking us? Why pleasing others when you are the only one who supports yourself after crying behind the bathroom door at 2am?

The best en route to Happiness is curtailment of worldly perspective.

And God said, “Love your enemy,” and I obeyed him and loved myself.

Respect yourself, Love yourself for who you are for you know how far you’ve come. By the way, What makes you happy and when did you do it for the last time? 🙂

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I relive.

Rain posses many faces,
hidden in romantic places,
culminated by embraces,
Drop by drop as it falls,
I re-live the memories of yesterday,
I rel-live.

It illuminates all the darkness,
intertwining halves into wholes,
fulfilling a
earthly role,
Drop by drop as it falls, I re-live the memories of yesterday,
I rel-live.

Rain invades enchantingly,
perhaps, appears repeatedly,
but comes only once, sacredly and eventually.
Drop by drop as it falls,
I re-live the memories of tester eat,
I rel-live.❤


Share with me, your memories of a rainy day in the comments below⤵

– Simran Brijwani

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Beauty has no name.

Laying on the bathroom floor,
With cold tiles to my back,
I think of all the things I’m not,
All the things I lack.

I roll over on my stomach,
My cheek pressed to the floor,
I dream of all I could’ve been,
How I could be so much more.

But then a thought occurred to me,
That others may think the same,
That somewhere on some other floor,
Someone else is wanting change.

This then led to a deeper thought,
Which made a lot of sense to me,
There’s a reason we are this way,
We’re all the way we were meant to be.

Every one of us is different
But in the end we’re all the same,
Together we’re beautiful,
And beautiful has no name.


” In order to be loved by the world, you need to love yourself and have faith in the power of your words to inspire others to do the same.”

Be⚪YOU⚪tiful ✨

– Simran Brijwani

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Reset and Refresh.

I won’t be able to talk in terms of life, so I’d rather talk about Math.There are so many things in life which constantly keep on changing. Various new elements are added up and a few are subtracted. Some variables are re-arranged but there’s always an element that stays, because of which it’s termed as a “Constant.” Similarly, Life?

 Life is a variable, it keeps on changing. We are the only constants.

– Simran Brijwani.

At times when we’re sitting alone, having nothing to do. During that span of time, all that we probably think of is what causes us pain? Why we’re not good enough? How could God be so harsh with certain situations? And more.
Sometimes, the silence gets so loud that the only thing left to do is to hope that your heart is strong enough to beat it out. It’s just silence or maybe you can say it’s the lightening before a thunderstorm. You never know.
Don’t get so lost in the emptiness that you forget to see the radiant rainbow that shines after rains, the birds that are chirpy even after a downfall from the sky, the old lady around who’s still young at heart even after having so much to cry about or your mom who smiles even after sacrificing so much for you, That life is so beautiful from every edge and corner and that

It’s the sorrow that adds up to the extra joy you feel after coming out of a storm.
– Simran Brijwani.

All these are just, ‘Ups and Downs’ or maybe different levels at which we are or were. All we have to do is be stable till we reach the end. And to reach there; Just as we reset the settings in a computer and refresh to fasten the working of the device, we need to reset all those things that make us feel unhappy about life and refresh in order to live fearlessly without having anything to regret.

“I’ve never really had any answers(to the journey of life); just experiences without regrets.”~ Simran Brijwani.

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Regrets or no regrets?

           We all have stories we’ll never tell. Stories of heartbreak, stories of failure and precisely what not? All of us have undergone some situations where in sometimes we regret the things we’ve already done or maybe things that we should have done. We often regret much even though it doesn’t change the situation.

           Regrets don’t really make anything better, they just take away our peace of mind. You may not see it today or tomorrow but you will look back in a few years and be absolutely perplexed and awed by how every little thing you regret brought you up to something really wonderful- or where you always wanted to be.

          Like, for example you go to a mall to a particular shop with a sale of 40% and you find that the shop is closed. You then, regret for a while and stroll before you leave the mall. Suddenly, you find another shop that has a sale of 80%, you buy more than you’d expected.


Further more, for example, you just failed in a test and you find that all your friends passed. It somewhere hinders your mind which makes you work a little more than others. This little more effort then helps you succeed.

Sometimes, it’s better to fall down. Sometimes, it’s not about the happy ending, it’s just about the story.

You will be grateful that things didn’t work out the way you once wanted them to.

Isn’t it?

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Kindness and other battles.

They say – 7 million people. 14 million faces. Well, it’s all said and done. There are times when people whom we like are disliked by others. There are situations when what we feel is right is wrongly taken. But let me tell you one thing –

There’s a story behind every person who pretends to be heartless and the one who becomes hideous as time passes.

Somehow our heart always manages to become a shelter for those who don’t know how to treat it. Some people say- so what, not everyone is the same? Okay, but it goes the other way round too. Not everyone is different, right? It’s all about the perspective.

We are surrounded by so many judgments that sometimes we feel like we are a parrot who’s captivated- so much to say yet no one to listen without making judgments. Let’s try not to judge each other’s  perspective. After all,we all have one?

The motive behind this picture is seeing a Zero Judgement Day, soon!


You never know the guy who past just returned from the hospital after admitting his mother and the girl sitting next to you just lost someone she loved. What scares me is that a person sitting next you is fighting a battle you are unaware of and still manages to be happy.

The question is what must one do? Nobody desires any kind of sympathy, Just be kind. It costs nothing but a smile.

“I wish everyday could be Halloween, We could wear masks all the time. Then we could walk around and get to know each other before we got to see what we looked like inside the masks.”

(Quoted by R.J Palacio, Wonder.)

Perhaps, one of the heart-touching lines ever written. Correct No?